We are currently putting together our new workshop series for 2015. We are going to be completely raising the bar when it comes to wedding photography education, so please stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram accounts for information as it happens….


“Having attended a couple of Jeff’s seminars over the years I can vouch for the very honest and candid, but very useful information presented. His knowledge of the industry and the clients he serves is unsurpassed and I would very much recommend any wedding photographer with a passion for photojournalism attends the seminar”. ~ Kevin Mullins

“Here in Bangalore India, wildlife photography is a big draw. I was on one such 5-day trip last year, and it cost me the same amount as Jeff’s workshop, though the worth of that one and this was like night and day! If anyone is on the fence making up their mind about attending, I can tell you that you will cherish every minute of it, this coming from a delegate to one of Jeff’s workshops last year! This is a steal. GO FOR IT!” ~ Shashi Kolar

“Just wanted to thank you for the last two days at Watford, uplifting and backside kicking in appropriate proportions. I attended two years ago at a time where my work was taking a far maturer direction and my clients in the south have, fortunately just begun to change for the more discerning. What you’re doing in terms of educating photographers to educate our clients and make them more photographically literate is so important, and I’d encourage you to keep doing that. Thanks for the honest approach to your seminar Jeff. One simple word: Perfect.” ~ Neale James

“Thank you for everything,this has been such an amazing experience. Truly inspirational! And the stories… OMG the stories:)” ~ Aniko Towers

“I attended Jeff’s workshop in Manchester and can honestly say that it was money well spent. I have been shooting weddings for a few years now and while I felt confident with where I wanted to be heading with my style, I felt stuck in a bit of a rut. Jeff’s entertaining and open approach to the workshop brought fresh enthusiasm to push myself further. I felt buzzing with inspiration which has continued into subsequent weddings I have shot.” ~ Rob Ward

“This workshop is a must for anyone interested in adopting a documentary approach to wedding photography. Over the two days you’ll see hundreds of incredible photographs and get a real a thorough insight into what Jeff looks for on a wedding day; from composition and the way he adds context into his images, through to his incredible use of available light. This is real photography and a thoroughly inspirational workshop.” ~ Steven Carter Hewson

“If you’re looking to improve every aspect of your business, from shooting to attaining quality clients, I honestly cannot recommend Jeff’s course highly enough. It’s not just a learning experience – it’s a change of mindset. Worth every single penny and then some.” ~ Jamie Emerson

“I know it’s been a while since attending the workshop in Watford. There was a mass of information that I took from Jeff’s workshop that has taken time, studying and practise to see how the various elements gel together. The workshop gave me the information I needed to be confident in developing my own style and approach to wedding photography, how to identify the images I wanted to gain, yet also decide which were good enough to make the final short list. After years of chasing moments that were nice enough but were always a fraction too late, I learned how to wait for pictures to happen and how to use instinct and experience to gain a single picture that can be studied and enjoyed. However, more importantly, I understand how to value the skills that I’ve learned, price them accordingly and be confident in growing a profitable business.” ~ Rob Dunning

“Just a note to say a massive thank you for all your great work at the recent workshop in Amsterdam. I’ve been a professional photographer for over 25 years and involved in the wedding business for 14 years. One of the many things I love about photography is you never stop learning. There were some great takeaways for me during the workshop and I’m looking forward to putting them into practice at my next wedding!” ~ Steve Catcheside

“I found the workshop highly informative, affirming for everything I believe to be important in our business and a really enjoyable two days. I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head now. I would recommend this two day session to anyone who is serious about developing their photography and making their business a success.” ~ Yvonne Gallagher

 “Thank you Jeff and Sarah, for sharing so much information and so many anecdotes with us! Very inspring, those two days have really flown in, loved it.” ~ Charlotte van der Heijden

“Many many thanks to you both (and of course NL Studios for hosting this event) As this was my first workshop, I had no idea what to expect but you were both so kind, funny, patient, Inspiring and amazingly informative.” ~ Cathy Gorgensen

Bob Owen - July 5, 2013 - 8:44 pm

I’d like to book this please Jeff. Paypal invoice?

Sheraz Khwaja - July 5, 2013 - 9:38 pm

Hi Jeff

Please reserve me a place for the Octobers workshop.


Ben - July 5, 2013 - 9:51 pm

Hi Jeff

How many delegates will you allow?



Abigail Steed - July 5, 2013 - 9:51 pm

Hi Jeff,
I just want to check the workshop is definitely on the Sunday and Monday!
Thanks in advance.

Jeff - July 6, 2013 - 9:31 am

Hi Abigail. Yes that’s correct. The reason it starts on a Sunday is to help with travel to the venue. Flights and rail fares are cheaper on a weekend, and traffic tends to be a lot quieter than on a weekday.

Jeff - July 6, 2013 - 9:32 am

Hi Ben. The room takes a max of 45 delegates. I usually close the event at 40 delegates.

Jeff - July 6, 2013 - 9:32 am

Hi Sheraz. If you can go through to the booking page, we’ll be happy to sort that out for you :)

lee glasgow - July 8, 2013 - 9:09 am

Hi Jeff, you helped me many moons ago with regards to cutting down my equipement, i want to get back to two camera’s two lenses I have canon mrk 1 and 3 with 24-70L 70-200L and 50mm 1.2 L along with flash and its driving me mad! will u help me on this course to refine my equipement allowing me to enjoy my weddings more ;@> Thank you Lee

Martin Hambleton - July 8, 2013 - 10:03 am

Hi Jeff, is this the only workshop you’re doing this year, or are there any plans to bring it to other venues? Thanks, Martin.

Paul Rogers - July 8, 2013 - 11:03 am

Hi Jeff, wondering if you’ve secured a room rate discount yet? I missed out on the post seminar socials last time, keen to stay on the Sunday night.
Also interested to know if you’ll be talking about Capture One in your workflow?

Jeff - July 8, 2013 - 4:46 pm

Hi Lee. I’ll be talking about equipment and how to use it efficiently as part of the presentation.

Jeff - July 8, 2013 - 4:47 pm

Hi Martin
Yes this is the only workshop I will be doing this year. No plans for anything else in the UK after thus one.

Jeff - July 8, 2013 - 4:48 pm

Hi Paul
Should be getting the code tomorrow (Tuesday). We asked today but the person that deals with the reservations isn’t in the office until tomorrow.

Annemiek Kale - July 9, 2013 - 7:40 am

Hi Jeff,

Just booked me a place in your workshop, really looking forward to it! I used the booking site, even though I live in the NL, but I guess ths is OK. When you arrange for a room discount, I would like to get the code.

Raj gautam - July 9, 2013 - 7:48 am

Hi Jeff,

Would you be conducting a workshop next year, as I might not make it to this one?


Robert Dabrowski - July 9, 2013 - 2:20 pm

Hi Jeff
How many places do you have for those workshop?


Marie Anson - July 9, 2013 - 4:26 pm

Hi Jeff

Does the full amount become payable on booking or is just a deposit required?

Jeff - July 10, 2013 - 8:15 am

Hi Marie. Full payment on booking. Details are on the workshop page. :)

Jeff - July 10, 2013 - 8:16 am

Hi Robert. How many places do we have left?

Jeff - July 10, 2013 - 8:17 am

Hi Raj. No idea at this stage. Certainly no plans to do another one for the foreseeable future. They take a huge amount of time up in oganising them.

John Hobson - July 10, 2013 - 5:36 pm

Hi Jeff…
Can you let me know when you have negotiated room rates at the Hilton please…

Jeff - July 11, 2013 - 10:52 am

Hi John. Still waiting on Hilton to go through their red tape. I have the code but they won’t let me release it until everything has been approved by Hilton reservations. Very frustrating.

Jeff - July 11, 2013 - 6:11 pm

The code for the guest room discount is now active AJAS1
Thanks for your patience :)

Masoud Badiee - July 11, 2013 - 10:37 pm

Hi Jeff.
I’m from Iran.Despite being important and my will to join,due to my army duty limitation I may not have the chance to attend this workshop.Please inform me if by any chance there is video recording
for the class or not?if there is one,is it possible to get one?

Jeff - July 12, 2013 - 10:12 am

Hi Masoud. There are no plans to video this workshop. Thanks for asking though.

Robert - July 12, 2013 - 8:03 pm

Hi Jeff

Sorry for my English.
I was wondering how big the group will be?


John Hobson - July 15, 2013 - 1:39 pm

Hi again jeff… Any news on the room discount? I’m looking to book on the seminar & book the room at the same time..


Elijah Jackson - July 22, 2013 - 1:33 pm

After going through years of obscurity I have finally settled on the style of true photojournalism. I use the qualifier “true” because so much of the wedding photography out there that is being called photojournalism is anything but that. I’ve spent years working for and with other shutterbugs that are so married to these bland, flavorless, canned images that are completely devoid meaning. Images that they are trying to recreate and pass off as something unique. I finally got sick of it! That is why I have been focusing on capturing reality. When I saw the interview and masterclass you did on CPS I fell in love with your style! It’s so RAW and REAL. I live in the US (Dallas,Texas) and I don’t see myself getting to the UK any time soon. Do you have any plans on doing an online course or writing a book. I would pay good money to hear about your artistic choices, methodology, your victories, your defeats, equipment choices(what you use most often and why). Please say yes.

lee glasgow - July 22, 2013 - 1:44 pm

Yea Im on board, I have see jeff before around 4 years ago, he opened my eyes to light and capturing the atmosphere of a wedding day, I am so looking forward to topping up my creativity and re awakening my senses and moving my wedding photography to the next level, I will however be expecting cake as it will be my birthday on the sunday ;@> look forward to seeing you all there! Im really excited!

david phillips - July 26, 2013 - 6:44 am

Hi, I just send an e-mail to Sarah as I dont live in the UK. She is away from office for some time.

Could you please book me in ? Hopefuly the workshop isnt fully booked… thanks ! ;)

david phillips - July 26, 2013 - 5:03 pm

Hi, as I am from Luxembourg I would like to ask if it was ok if I did the booking via your website. Thanks. Looking foreward.

Dan Akerman - July 30, 2013 - 9:33 am

Hi Jeff,

Do you still have availability for the workshop in October?

Many thanks


Jeff - August 5, 2013 - 12:45 pm

Hi Dan. Sorry the workshop is sold out. We are currently taking names for a reserve list.

Chad Stokes - August 22, 2013 - 11:24 am

I recently found out that I have the opportunity to join this workshop, and have sent an application for the reserve list. I just wanted to post a request here, regarding the possibility of transfering one’s place to another person. If any of you who are booked are unable to attend, I would very much appreciate it if I could “inherit” your place.

Regards (and thanks),


roberto - September 5, 2013 - 9:36 am

Hi Jeff,
are you planning other workshops for the next winter and spring?

Luisa Raimondi Photographer - June 25, 2014 - 9:13 am

On board! Yeah!

Floor Boomkamp - June 26, 2014 - 12:51 am

Misschien iets voor jou Denise Leuveld?

Ephraimphotographyagency Makati - July 2, 2014 - 10:40 am

Add a comment…am a nigerian photographer may i attend as well or how possible can you train in nigeria we are interested in bringing you in

Huib Vintges - July 10, 2014 - 8:38 pm

I’m in !

Matt Foden - August 27, 2014 - 1:18 pm

Hi Jeff- Are you planning on running this workshop in the UK in 2015?

Roma Plotnikov - September 18, 2014 - 7:37 pm

ваши снимки-это просто… словами не передать!