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Wedding Makeup

A photographer talking about wedding makeup? Seriously? It may seem a little odd, and I’ll admit that I’m not a makeup expert, but I have been asked many times about makeup from a wedding photography perspective. Here are some thoughts and pictures…

Tears on your wedding day

Weddings are always emotional events, and who hasn’t shed a tear on a wedding day? In this post I’ll look at the parts of the day where the tears will flow, and show how all that emotion can make for fantastic photographs…

The First Dance

The first dance as a married couple is one of the most anticipated parts of the wedding day. I’ve covered everything from five minutes of choreographed dance sequences in large ballrooms to simple shuffles around a hotel dance floor. So what makes a good first dance photograph?

The Wedding Car

Choosing a wedding car can be confusing with so many options out there. From this photographer’s perspective, wedding cars are very cool to photograph. The lines, shapes and reflective qualities always add something unique to the coverage of the wedding day…

Posed Wedding Photographs

Even though I’m known for a very photojournalistic style of wedding photography, I’ve always shot posed wedding photographs for clients who want that aspect of the day recording…


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