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Getting Dressed

Getting dressed for a wedding. One of the most anticipated parts of the wedding day. Months of searching for the perfect dress, followed by fittings, and finding the right accessories, all lead to this point. Putting on the dress is a ritual in its own right.

In this post, I showcase some of my favourite pictures from the dressing part of the day. These photographs are all shot in real-time, discreetly, and without any direction or staging from the camera. To be allowed to record these moments is a real privilege.

A bride getting ready at a yorkshire wedding

A wedding in Yorkshire. The big bedroom windows were perfect for creating silhouettes. The bride watches her bridesmaid climb the steps to get the dress down from the beams.

A bride descends the stairs at home with her wedding dress

Glasgow. The bride walks down the stairs at her parent’s house. She is carrying bridesmaid’s dresses to the living room.

A bride putting on stockings

A wedding at Iscoyd Park in Shropshire. The bridesmaid waits for the bride to put on her stockings.

A bride walking into a room where her wedding dress is hanging

A split-frame composition with the bride in one room and her mum and the wedding dress in the other. Using two rooms like this gives a sense of anticipation. From a wedding in Cheshire.

A bride watches as her wedding dress is prepared

Something a little different. In Aberdeen, the bride waits while her friend prepares the wedding dress. The use of light and shallow depth of focus emphasise the friend, while retaining the bride’s modesty.

A jewish bride is about to step into her wedding dress

At a Jewish wedding in Leeds, the bride’s sisters prepare the wedding dress. I always ask if the bride is comfortable with me being in the room during these moments. If she isn’t, I’m happy to leave the room until she’s covered up.

A chinese bride getting dressed at Coombe Abbey

An oriental figure carved into the bedstead becomes the focal point while the bride gets dressed in the background. From a Coombe Abbey wedding.

A bridesmaid watches a bride get dressed

In Leicestershire, a flower girl watches the bride getting dressed. This is a portrait of the young girl, but the bride’s reflection in the wardrobe mirror gives it a sense of place and time.

A footballers wife gets her wedding dress done up by her mum

Back to Yorkshire, and at a Swinton Park wedding, the bride’s mum and bridesmaid are putting a lot of effort into lacing up the wedding dress!!

Bridesmaids helping a bride get dressed at The Rowley Manchester

The famous Lowry Hotel in Manchester. The bed was between me and the girls. I don’t ever tell them where they should be getting dressed, so I go with what I have in front of me. That’s part of the challenge of being a photographer. I shot across the bed and into the window to create a silhouette, and to hide the bed itself.

Bridemaids buttoning up a bride's wedding dress

A classic shot of the wedding dress being buttoned up. From an Autumn wedding at The Manor House in the Cotswolds.

An egyptian bride putting on her wedding dress

At a London wedding, an Egyptian bride gets dressed surrounded by her family, including her brothers.

The bride's bedroom as people get ready

At this New Years Eve wedding in Surrey, my focus was on the layers of people. Starting in the foreground with the flower girl, into the middle ground with the page boy and bride’s father, and onto the background where the bride was putting her dress on. I’m very close to the young girl in the foreground and she gave me an inquisitive glance which made the photograph.

A chinese bride getting dressed in London

This image is about the fantastic dress, the amazing window light, and the attitude of the bride. It has a backstage fashion show feel to it. A model about to walk out onto the runway. From an Anglo-Asian wedding in London.

A romanian bride having her headdress attached

Bucharest, Romania. My dear friend (and super talented wedding photographer) Dana Tudoran, helps her sister get ready. Shot against a hotel window, the temperature outside was 40 degrees Celsius, so it became a plain white background. This wedding was featured in the Canon EOS 5DMKIV camera launch.

A bridesmaid puts on the bride's shoes

For some brides, the shoes are put on before the dress, but here at a wedding at Ellingham Hall, the bride is already dressed. Her sister helps her with her shoes.

A bride has her wedding veil attached

Oxfordshire. The bride has her wedding veil attached moments after she puts her wedding dress on. The movement is important to get an understanding of what it happening.

A jewish bride finishes getting ready

Taken during the final moments of the bride getting ready. From a Jewish wedding at Rudding Park Yorkshire.


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