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Online tuition


Away from the current crop of glitzy "all you can eat" online courses which are filling up social media sponsored posts, how about doing something a little more personal? Something which is totally geared up to you and your work?

How about this for an idea? Me, you, a ZOOM connection, and two hours discovering your identity as a photographer.


Over the past few years, I've been helping photographers to find their style, the thing that separates them from everyone else. I've been helping to curate their portfolios and online galleries so that their websites are the very best the can be and, more importantly, showcase who they are as photographers.

For some, the sessions have introduced a valuable second opinion on images, a tightening up of a body of work. For others they have led to a radical rethink, a shift in mindset and attitude, and a rekindling of passion towards their work.


So, if you want to take your work to the next level and show the world who you are as a photographer, please get in touch. I'd love to help.

For more details and to book a session, please email me in the first instance:


There really aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to you for yesterday, but I’m going to give it one more shot. The last time anyone looked at my work with such insight and clarity and honesty was probably the last proper critique I had in college almost three decades ago. It was refreshing and enormously enlightening and my brain has been busy processing everything since. I suspect this will significantly alter the course of my career in a positive way, and I can’t wait to start making changes to my website. I’ll never look at my work the same way again. In fact, I’ll probably spend most of the next few days reviewing my entire catalog again with fresh eyes. I am eternally grateful to you.

I approached Jeff a couple of years ago and chose him from the many photographers I found to be offering critiques based upon the consistency of his style and the enduring quality of his work. At the time I was feeling overwhelmed with the task of taking photographs at weddings and underwhelmed with what I was producing. I was shooting blindly with no real intention or idea about what I was doing or how I was approaching the job.


I initially felt a bit intimidated showing my work to Jeff but without judgment he spent time talking me through my collection of images. Drawing on the strengths and weaknesses that I demonstrated, he explained to me why a particular photo stood out based on its merits, and using the same reasoning broke down why other pictures didn’t work. These were concepts that I’d never considered or understood before, despite recognising this discipline within other photographers’ work that I admired, I had no idea about how to attempt to replicate any of that sophistication in my own.


I have been fortunate enough to receive Jeff’s input on a yearly basis and through each critique and in relation to my growing level of understanding, Jeff has been able to coach and direct me on my camera technique and control within different environments and situations, my position as a photographer in relation to the subject, my post production and my ability to see and construct a potential photograph. I think when I first enquired about Jeff’s critiques it mentioned on his site that other photographers who had received his help had subsequently seen the quality of their work go through the roof. I never expected to share that experience, but compared with what I was taking, the quality of my work has exceeded the ceiling that I thought that I was capable of, and this is directly attributed to the input that I have received from Jeff.

I highly recommend Jeff to go over your portfolio. I had him help me out with mine and his input is top class as it is his wedding work. He gave me new tools to look at my photographs and really helped a lot. Can’t recommend him enough.

Thank you so much for a truly fantastic 2 sessions. It has been eye opening, incredibly rewarding, and a highlight, to after all these years of following you and being inspired and guiding through interviews I read, (especially at the start of my career) to finally have a chance to talk, learn and be critiqued by you!!

I was a little apprehensive before the review as having followed Jeff for quite a while on social media and knowing how revered he is in the wedding photography field; l basically was anxious that my limited wedding experience would not be received well. I needn’t have worried. Jeff is a very straight talking, honest, but kind and considerate at the same time. The two hours flew past as he showed me how I could improve my website, the copy within and individual images themselves with my weaknesses being consistency, cropping and post production. I left with an enormous sense of relief as I finally had a sense of direction, some new skills and a feeling I could pull myself out of the rut I was in and move forward in a very positive manner.


I look forward very much to my next review when I have implemented what I have learned so far. If you have any reservations wether or not to give it a try....Just do it, invest in yourself; you will be so surprised what you walk away with!

With tears in my eyes, I want to thank you again. This meant so much to me (gross understatement), you have helped me immeasurably and I am deeply grateful for your honesty and advice. Thank you is not enough, yet it is all I have. With deep gratitude.


T. 07545 898502